Lux Lash Services

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Bespoke Eyelash Services

Eyelash services offer professional enhancements, including extensions, lifts, and tints, to create fuller, longer, and more defined lashes.

Services starting from $30


  • Full $225

    Individual eyelash extensions applied one to one, one natural lash to one extension

  • Fill Starting at $105

    For clients looking to fill their existing Classic Eyelash Extension set


  • Full $275

    Promade fans with multiple lashes attached to one natural lash at a time.

  • Fill Starting at $115

    For clients looking to fill their exisitng Hybrid Eyelash Extension Set

Tint & Lift

Pampered and Refreshed

About Chi

“From classic extensions to volume lashes, I offer a range of services designed to elevate your look and leave you feeling glamorous and confident.

I can’t wait to meet you!”

People have said I’m a ‘true magician of lashes’, with an eye for detail and a commitment to enhancing your natural beauty.”

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