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Not your typical salon or barber

We are a styling bar for Men and Women of great taste

If you’re looking for exceptional service and amazing results, you’ve found your match!

Did we mention that we offer a coffee bar, and libations for those interested in taking their experience to a new level?

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Enter to Win a $250 Grant & Dunne Gift Card

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We Take Ordinary, And Make It Extraordinary...

Why does personal grooming have to be boring? We provide you with the highest level of service and surround you with luxury, sophistication, and timeless elegance.

Save 50% On Your First Service

What Our Clients Say


Fernando Salgado
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I went in for hair cut and beard trim. First impression is this place is incredible: a luxury barbershop look and feel. I’m coming back. Interior has large barber area, bar for coffee and other types of drinks. Nick the barber is a true professional. Haircut and beard trim by Nick was phenomenal. As a professional myself. I look for someone who can do classy gentleman cuts. I’m definitely coming back. This place is the essence of elegance. You have to try it for yourself.
Betsy Thalheimer
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Grant and Dunne is like no other hair styling place around! My girls had the BEST haircuts, and my husband even jumped in the chair too! The barber was exceptional and took his time with each of my Husband’s gray locks! I can’t recommend this place enough. I wish I could give it 10 stars out of 5!
Ellyn Anderson
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Amazing new Salon! I felt so confortable and welcome. Beautiful space, charming and talented Stylists.. a really neat place. Will be back often!